How do I use ground coffee with this machine? Do I need to use a screwdriver to remove the pod?

The capsule pod is integrated into the machine and it's not held on by anything but a friction fit. Push sideways on the bottom of the capsule holder, and it should pop out without needing any tool.

Are there step by step photos for using capsules and ground coffee?

(note: Use the pictures in the folder provided by the Barsetto.)

Does this machine work with both ground coffee and capsules? Which adapter is which?

Yes, it does. Below are pictures showing what the adapters look like:

Capsule adapter

Ground coffee adapter (packaged under the product)


Which kind of capsules is compatible? 

All Barsetto capsules work with this machine.

Does it work with Nespresso capsules? 

A 2nd generation Barsetto machine that is compatible with Nespresso capsules will be launched soon.

Is there an adapter for K-cups? 

It works great with ground espresso coffee and Barsetto coffee capsules.

Do you have a version that works with K-cups?

Yes, please check out our Tripresso Stainless Version which is designed to use K-cups and ground coffee.

I bought a K-cup pod, and it didn't fit in at all. Which kind of K-cup pods (or what size) should I buy? 

Our Tripresso CA version is specially designed for K-cups. It works with all kinds of K-cup in the market. ES version is not compatible with K-cups.

Can I use K-cup pods with Tripresso? 

Yes, please check out our Tripresso Stainless Version which is developed for K-cups and ground coffee.


Can I add milk and sugar in after the coffee is brewed? 

Yes, it is perfectly fine to add extras after.

Is it possible to make cold pressed coffee? 

You can use cold water to brew, but we recommend to use hot water (80°C or above).

Can I make tea with the machine? 

Yes, you can use a Barsetto Tea Capsule.


Does it fit in car cup-holders? 

Yes, it fits in most types of car cup-holders.

How tall is it? 

- 5 inches without the cup; 

- 7 inches without the cup with pump lever unlocked; 

- 10 inches with the cup attached, pump locked.

What is the actual weight of the travel unit? 

The weight of the manual espresso machine is only 530g.


Does it come with capsules? 

Unfortunately, it does not come with capsules. Capsules can be bought separately.

Does it come with an extra regular lid?

Yes, it’s included in the package.

Does all the parts FDA approved? 

we only use FDA approved plastic for our products.


Do I have to hand wash the cup? 

We recommend you to hand-wash it, but you can also use a dishwasher.

Is this machine washable? Can I use washing machines to clean the cup that holds ground coffee? Which parts can be washed in a machine? 

Yes, all parts of our machine are washable.

Can I disassemble the plunger for cleaning? 

Yes, you can.


Does Barsetto work with reusable capsules? 

Yes, this new version will be launched in the near future.

What is ABS? Is it a kind of plastic? 

The abbreviation “ABS” stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. We use FDA approved ABS for all of our products.

What is Barsetto’s coffee machine made from?

It is made from plastic and metal.


Where is it made? 

Barsetto Tripresso Coffee Machines are designed in Italy and assembled in China.

How much hot water should I put in the water tank? 

You can put a maximum of 80ml water in the water tank.

How long does it keep warm? 

It can keep coffee warm for about 20 mins with a closed lid.