Travel Coffee Maker / Tripresso-ES


Product Description

Barsetto Tripresso is the perfect portable coffee machine compatible with capsules and ground coffee. It features manual control and a convenient, environmentally friendly design with the new double extraction system. The streamlined body is suited for use at the home, office, outdoors, or when you’re traveling. The Barsetto portable manual coffee maker, capable of making quality espresso, is easy to use. Specifically designed for coffee lovers, it can provide quality espresso anywhere.

Product Information

- Net Weight: 0.5kg 

- Height: 220mm 

- Diameter: 70mm 

 - Brand: Barsetto 

- Material: Stainless Steel + ABS 

- Color: Black, White 

- Size: 223*70cm 

- Suitable For: Coffee Capsule, Coffee Powder 

- Lifetime Test: approx. 1500 Times 

- Water Container Capacity: 80ML 

- Coffee Bottle Capacity: 120ML 

- Filter Capacity: 7g 

- Extract Pressure: Coffee Capsule: 13-15 bar 

- Coffee Powder: 8-9 bar

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